About Groupe Sani-Tech

Leveraging its team’s expertise and using innovative products, Groupe Sani-Tech is in the business of helping clients design and create high-quality bathroom spaces.

Green Mission


Over the last few years, Groupe Sani-Tech has increased its environmentally responsible initiatives. Evidence of this focus on the environment is present throughout the company: from internal operations to product distribution.

A digital turn has been significant in reducing the amount of consumables by 33%. Virtual workflows have significantly reduced the use of paper and have had a very positive impact on company processes, as well as on Groupe Sani-Tech’s overall environmental footprint.

The company has also elected to partake in other environmentally responsible initiatives such as: the virtualization of its servers, the regrouping of its storage systems and the recycling of electronic devices and computer hardware.

Groupe Sani-Tech is committed to implementing more and more environmentally responsible initiatives in its offices so that it can reduce its overall footprint. Awareness and innovation are essential in this pursuit and to uphold “LEEDer” certification within the industry.

Groupe Sani-Tech offers its clientele a wide range of enviro- friendly products that comply with LEED standards:

  • Pre- and post-consumer recycled products
  • Solutions and products with lower VOC output
  • Products with controlled dispensing (toilet paper; paper towels; etc.)
  • Energy efficient products
  • And more!

Then and Now

historique logo groupe sani-tech

In the beginning…

Groupe Sani-Tech’s story begins in 1975, when two innovators, André d’Anjou and Géraldine Pelchat, decided to combine their expertise and to start a business. This specialized business would focus on offering a full-range of sales services, bathroom accessories and products, including toilet partitions. Armed with equal parts courage and gumption, André and Géraldine became the founders of Sani-Tech enr., located on the North Shore of Quebec City.

In 1980, the company gained momentum and officially became Sani-Tech Inc.

Sales continued to increase and, in 1987, the small four-person team added a new employee, André’s son, Louis d’Anjou. Sani-Tech’s headoffice is relocated to Saint-Nicolas.


In 1992, Louis d’Anjou acquires the family business. Thanks to a favorable market and great opportunities, the business continues to flourish and becomes a leader in the industry sector.

In 1998, Sani-Tech Inc. opens its own toilet partition manufacturing plant in Saint-Nicolas. Products are then distributed under the EAD banner, which refers to “Entreprises André d’Anjou”. This period marks a significant progression in the business’s history.

In 2005, Sani-Tech acquired ‘Les Distributions Dagil’, a company with the same specialization, located in Montreal. Both companies combined their strengths together to develop the market and became an unbreakable team.

In 2010, Groupe Sani-Tech was officially founded as Sani-Tech inc, Les Distributions Dagil and EAD merged into a single company. The company still continues to improve and modernize its process in order to deal with a larger number of projects.

Become the Number 1

Groupe Sani-Tech continues to develop an expertise equal to its reputation. Executives put time and effort to ensure the continued growth.

40,000 projects over 35 years of experience and two branches later, the company’s main priority still remains: provide the best customer service. Contractors from all across the province have put their trust in Groupe Sani-Tech, allowing the company to keep the status of leader within the industry.

Today, the company offers a range of bathroom items to meet your needs. With the help of its efficient and experienced multi-task team, the company keeps providing high-quality service in the province and becomes renowned over the country.