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Toilet Partitions

Reinforced Composite

Reinforced composite toilet partitions offer great durability and are recommended for busy places. They are highly resistant to vandalism.

Mounting configurations

Headrail Braced

Headrail braced compartments are recommended for heavy-use places. No structural adjustment is needed. This configuration is modern and resistant.

Floor To ceiling

Floor to ceiling compartments are anchored both to the floor and the ceiling. They are extremely robust are ideal where high durability is required.

Ceiling Hung

Ceiling hung compartments have a cotemporary look and a refined design. They make floor cleaning fast and easy especially when combined with wall-hung fixtures.


Full color

The panel’s internal composition has the same color as the visible surface.



Doors and partitions are 58’’ high at 12’’ from the floor.

Increased Privacy

Doors are 72’’ high at 4’’ from the floor.

Manufacturer Availability

Serie Sierra 1090
Full color
Doors 19 mm (3/4’’)
Panel 13 mm (1/2’’)
Pilaster 19 mm (3/4’’)
Screen 19 mm (3/4’’)
Mounting configurations
Headrail Braced
Floor Mounted
Floor To ceiling
Ceiling Hung
Standard Sierra 1090
Increased Privacy Sierra 2090
No-sightline solution Serie 1090G/2090G
Stainless Steel
Hardware type
3 hinges
Stainless Steel Piano Hinge
Wall support type

Manufacturer warranties

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