Curtain Tracks

We offer a variety of rail systems and hospital curtains that adapt to everyone’s needs and layouts. You only need to provide the measurements for a tailor made conception allowing for various setting possibilities. Curtains are available in many sizes (intimacy, room divider, flame-resistant) and colours to match your project.

Ceiling Curtain Tracks
Suspended Curtain Tracks

Ceiling Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks are made of anodized aluminum. They are available in the following lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’. They can be curved with a 12 inches radius according to the degree requested. Standards are 45 degree and 90 degree.

Ceiling Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks Accessories

Curtain carrier - 2002

The sash and the wheels are made of nylon. The contact of nylon and aluminum guarantees soundless rolling. A Stainless steel chain attaches the hook and the sash.

Curtain carrier


Two carriers are required for each linear foot plus 10% for curtains. This is recommended for smooth functioning of the rail.

How to calculate the required amount of carriers

15 foot rail = 180 inches +10% = 18 inches
198 inches/6 inches = 33 carriers + 1 for start

Alco Track Rail - 062

Made of aluminum. Made in Quebec. Dimensions are 1-3/8’’ x ¾’’.

Alco Track Rail
Alco Track Rail

Stopper accessory - 162

Only one stopper is required for each rail. It is made of aluminum. It is placed on the rail end to prevent the carriers from sliding out.

Stopper accessory

Stopper accessory allowing adding carriers - 262

Only one stopper is required for each rail. It is made of aluminum. It is used on rail ends to insert or remove carriers. There are two (2) pieces. One stopper can be removed to allow the carriers to roll.

Stopper accessory allowing adding carriers

Connector - 862

One 3’’ aluminum connector is required for U-shaped tracks. It links two (2) straight rails together.